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Africa 4x4 Trailer Hire is a family run business owned by Warren and Sam Poustie. We use the Afrispoor Trailers because we believe they are the best in their class. We have a passion for travelling into the more remote areas of Africa.

Camping must be agreeable, relaxing and most of all enjoyable, and that is how our Afrispoor trailer is set up. After arriving at your destination, you want to be enjoying nature in its vastness, full of beautiful things that comfort our physical and emotional senses.

Our goal is to get you set up as quickly and conveniently as possible to afford you the opportunity to enjoy this companionship of nature.

Ice cold sundowners are made possible even after ten days of no electricity with our Afrispoor trailer as it is fitted with Solar Panels. All you need to do is plug in and place them in the sunlight . The trailer has its own DB boards so it is easy to manage the days with power supply or the days when using Solar. Sundowners definitely make our trips more memorable.

Our Trailer is kitted out so well, you’ll feel like it’s home away from home.

We are located near Empangeni, Northern KwaZulu-Natal but conveniently close to the Engen garage on the way North to Mabibi, Cape Vidal, Mozambique or Kozi Bay Lakes. Pack your bags, cool boxes and groceries conveniently within reach at the back of your Vehicle. Meet us at the Engen garage, on route, and in less than 10 minutes we will have you packed into the trailer. Your cases and containers can be left with us for your return.

Getting ready to leave on your trip is also a breeze if the trailer is picked up before your departure to pack at home. Simply pack the trailer the night before, remove trailer drawers and take to your room to pack all your clothes in. Place drawers back in the trailer. Pack groceries and food stuff into the containers and the refrigeration/freezer system. Plug the trailer into your 220 Volt mains and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep before your departure the next morning. You will find the trailer serviced and ready to go when you pick it up. The 2 gas bottles will have been filled and the two water tanks will have fresh borehole water filled to the brim. The batteries will have been charged and ready. All you need to do is hook it up and go after a brief instruction on tent assembly and use of the trailer. For longer trips it is advisable to have a Brad Harrison connection on your vehicle to keep charging the refrigeration system while en route. On shorter routes the food normally remains frozen until you reach your destination.

The extension to the tent allows for those longer stays where erecting a little more living area is needed or just erect the stock standard so you can depart easily with very little hassle. Erecting this tent is a doddle. After your long drive and before you know it, you’ll be jumping up onto the double bed with fitted sheet for an afternoon siesta in the quiet of nature or having a relaxing drink while you take in the beauty of your surroundings. This camping trailer is just that easy and convenient.

For longer stays there is also other camping accessories that Africa 4x4 trailer Hire have especially with bigger groups joining you. The 5 x 7-meter Vidal sheet comes to mind and is great to sit under out of the weather. Further refrigeration and accessories like extra 3-man tent, camping chairs, skottel braais and stretchers are also available to hire. We run specials at certain times of the year. Don’t forget to enquire.

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